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Clinical Support

Clinical Support

Clinical Support offers assessments and solutions for improved daily living, well-being, skill development and therapy assistance that addresses issues with a realistic and practical attitude.  Our team is focused on all aspects of health, safety and well-being, supporting Participants and families to achieve optimal health and goal achievement. 

At United Disability we work collaboratively with appropriate health care professionals to make purposeful recommendations. Comprehensive assessments and monitoring are undertaken to determine the specific needs of the Participant and identify other services that they may require, including establishing connections with a broad range of specialist and allied health support services.

In addition to Participant Clinical Support, the Clinical team work with each of our support team members to ensure that their training and service delivery remains current and up to date with current practices.

Our Clinical Support Services Include:

Behavioural Support
Behaviour Support Practitioners are responsible for providing personalised behaviour support services for people living with disability with an emphasis on meeting individual needs and achieving the best possible outcomes. Our Behaviour Support Practitioners develop behaviour assessments, support plans and training to ensure a person centred, strengths based, and least restrictive approach is maintained for the care of the Participants we support. Behaviour Support Practitioner liaise with a Participant's relevant support network to ensure each of the proposed strategies are realistic and achievable.
Registered Nurse
Our Registered Nurse provides quality health care to Participants, working collaboratively with staff and liaising with stakeholders to ensure health related concerns are managed with care. Our Registered Nurse provides support during specialist health assessments and reviews for each of our Participants as required. In addition support is available for staff with ongoing assistance, advice, recommendations and training available. Our United Disability Registered Nurse's objectives are captured through documentation, implementation, evaluating and review of the health support needs of Participants.

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