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By donating to United Disability today can make a world of difference to the life of people living with disability.

Asking for money can be difficult, however at United Disability our #1 priority is the people that we support and the money that we raise provides you an opportunity to be part of creating a powerful lasting change to the lives of people living with disability.  Your donation enhances lifestyle, community engagement, goal realisation and quality of life for many of the people we support.

What will your donation support?

Your one off or regular donation can help to make sure people living with disability can have access to the latest in support technologies, convenient and safe transportation, improvements with housing equipment and have access to exciting adventures and experiences that they would not usually have an opportunity to enjoy. You’re helping them get involved in their community, get much need equipment and live an independent and fulfilling life where they can realise and reach their goals.

We can’t do it without you!

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