Individual Activities

The support worker comes out to you,

Individual Activities offer opportunities to enhance and learn new skills in a one-on-one, safe and supportive manner that encourages independence and life skill development.

Increase the ability of individuals to self-manage their social interactions and community participation.

All programs are designed to facilitate a level of independence in a staged manner that enables a gradual building of skills.

In addition, this is constantly reinforced in day to day living by support staff in line with the philosophy of United Disability Care, which is one of commitment to empowerment and self-management.

Individual Program activities are designed for Participants in a 1:1 support setting.

The programs assist in building confidence, knowledge and experience for each of the individuals, providing them opportunity to realise their specific goals.

In addition to the supports provided in Group Activities, Individual programs can facilitate and assist in the development of:

Transition to Work

Transition to Employment is a program that aims to provide support required todevelop the individual’s skills to obtain and sustain meaningful paid or unpaid employment. United Disability provides a structured approach to working with individuals and their families to support their transition to satisfying employment.

The program structure includes an initial assessment, ongoing and regular reviews and successful transition to the workforce.

In preparing to enter the work force, learning new skills like those listed below are important. Our team can also help with development of skills in these work focused areas.