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Housing & Supported Living

Housing & Supported Living

Housing and Support Living services provide Participants up to 24 hour care that is delivered in a supportive environment in which people can live independently within their own home or a group home setting. Our experienced team are paired with each Participant to accommodate their needs and preferences, ensuring our support provides ample opportunity for individuals to lead a life by their design.

Supported Independent Living
Our Supported Independent Living services provides services in your own home that makes daily household tasks and personal care simpler. The focus is on providing personal care and domestic assistance such as laundry, cleaning and making beds, medication management and regular exercise. We can help you to put together an in-home plan that suits your needs, wants and goals, with time allocations ranging from just a few hours per week through to 24 hours per day. Our services include: daily living assistance, essential community access, help with personal care, assistance for domestic duties, help with budgeting or financial responsibilities and exercise and fitness.

Regardless of the support each Participant requires, United Disability are dedicated to helping each Participant live a life of choice, providing awareness of, and assistance with, healthy food choices, and involvement in regular exercise. Individualised programs assist clients to take responsibility for their day to day living in areas such as washing their clothes, preparing meals, cleaning their house, managing their finances and personal hygiene. We want to help every individual build on their independence, get involved with their surrounding community and grow in their education and development.

At United Disability we have a range of Specialist Disability Housing (SDA) support and long-term housing options across New South Wales and Queensland for people who require disability accommodation assistance and support. As a resident in one of our supported accommodation properties, we encourage individuals to live a life of independence and to participate in the day to day organisation and activities of their home. Our accommodation models range from 2 to 5 persons group homes.

To help individuals find the right home and live in a harmonious environment, United Disability work to ensure each of our tenants are compatible with one another, have common interests and enjoy living together. Participants are encouraged to be active within their local community and have a range of support options available.
United Disability provides access to Clinical Support and up to 24 hours a day, seven days week of residential care.  We ensure that where required, our team are qualified to support specific care needs of individuals, including high support.  Each of our experienced team members have First Aid qualifications as required by industry standards.

Our housing offers sustainable, affordable options that are maintained to a high standard, ensuring the continued support of our current and any future tenants. Tenants have access to our dedicated In-House Tenancy Manager that is available to assist with all your housing solutions.

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