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Respite Care

In-home Respite Care

Our tailored in-home respite care services offer convenience and flexibility, catering for all ages and allowing people living with disability to experience time away from their full time carer or family. Care is provided in a safe and supportive environment that allows Carers and family members to enjoy a well-deserved break. These services are designed to facilitate care for individuals when on holidays or away from home, as well as provide respite to families who may be struggling to cope with the demands of caring for and supporting a child or adult with disability.

In-Home Respite care is available 24 hours a day, regardless of the hours required and can be accessed for as long as needed. We understand that everyone’s situation is different, whatever the circumstance, we can help by providing respite care on a basis that suits each individual and their loved ones.

Our In-Home Respite Care Services Include:

Day or Overnight Care
Being a full-time Carer can be demanding. Our day or overnight respite care service offers an opportunity for family members and Carers to take a holiday or simply spend some time looking after their own needs, safe in the knowledge that the person they care for is receiving the very best care. Care is delivered by a professional and compassionate team of experienced staff and can include in-home respite, community outings, respite accommodation, ongoing intermittent respite or planned short-term support. We take the time to understand every client’s unique needs, tailoring our service to ensure everyone gets the break they deserve.
Away From Home Care
Taking a break or travelling away from home can be stressful without the right support and care. Away from home respite enables individuals to take short travel breaks and receive continuity of care when outside of their usual support network. Our skilled staff are available to liaise with your at-home Service Provider or Carer to ensure your daily, away from home support needs are understood and met. Enjoying the benefits of flexible support, security and care whilst away from home is made easy with United Disability.
Emergency Care
When circumstances change suddenly, and you need support or home care in a hurry, we can help. Our emergency respite care services can be arranged in as little as 24 hours of you getting in touch. If you are experiencing a crisis, we are always available day or night to take your call. Whether there’s been an accident, a sudden illness or you’ve been let down by your current Service Provider, we’re here to help in an emergency. Our experienced staff are fully trained in supporting a variety of complex needs and care requirements.

Respite care may be centre-based, provide daily supports, include access to community activities, or be accommodation based. If you are the Carer of a person who requires respite support or an individual seeking away from home care you may be eligible for funding support within your current plan. Contact our friendly team to discuss your available respite options.

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