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Support Coordination & Plan Management

Support Coordination & Plan Management

Understanding your NDIS plan and its budget, finding the right supports and services and taking care of the day-to-day admin involved in managing your plan, can be daunting. United Disability understands this, providing individuals a connection to a network of qualified Support Coordination and Plan Management service providers. These services are available to support you to effectively communicate your needs and goals, avoid the common pitfalls that can occur when transitioning to the NDIS and to assist with the ongoing day-to-day financial management of your plan.

Support Coordination Services

Support Coordination is available at 3 levels, support connection, coordination of supports and specialist support coordination, with each level dependent on the requirements and length of time needed to facilitate your support. This service offers reassurance, guidance and ongoing support whilst navigating the NDIS.

Support Coordination can help you with:

  • Understanding your NDIS plan and to identity the supports that are available to you
  • Determining monthly and weekly budgets aligned to your plan support categories
  • Maximizing your funding by obtaining quotes for services, equipment and home modifications where required
  • Coordinating service agreements and service delivery with service providers
  • Negotiating and liaising with Government, NDIA and other agencies
  • Monitoring services and supports to ensure you maintain a clear pathway to achieving your plan goals
  • Resolving any issues that may arise with service providers
  • Your annual plan review, requesting early plan review or to submit a change of circumstances to the NDIA
Plan Management Services

Plan Management services are available to help you with the financial tasks associated with your NDIS plan. This service enables you to get the most out of your plan without having to worry about the administrative burden.

Plan Management can help you with:

  • Coordinating service agreements and service delivery with service providers
  • Your annual plan review
  • Making payments to providers and processing claims within the NDIS portal
  • Managing your monthly budget
  • Compiling statements of expenditure and budget remaining
  • Increasing your financial literacy and self-management capabilities

Connecting You to the Right Service

Both Support Coordination and Plan Management can be funded by the NDIS and included within your plan. If you would like assistance with selecting an experienced and trusted Support Coordinator or Plan Management provider, United Disability can assist you. For more information on funding or how these services can benefit you, contact our friendly team.

Want to know more?

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